Sunday, December 18, 2011

So Much For a New Leaf

So much for turning over a new leaf. I would say I promise to write more often, but that would probably be a lie... So here's an update for now and I hope that I post more this coming year.

Here we are, fishing behind our house, we love being close to the ocean and the intercostal waterways that line the Southern Florida coasts.

Here is Dustan after his first lobster-fishing adventure. He caught two the first time, but later in the season, he and a friend caught eleven at a reef just outside our little home.

Another fun thing we like to do is try new foods down here. The below-pictured fruit is a dragon fruit. They come in white like this one, or pink on the inside. Picture the texture of a kiwi. White ones are a slightly sweet, watery flavor, and pink ones are sweet and super delicious.

Of course, we had to carry on the pumpkin-carving tradition for Halloween! Dustan made a cannibal pumpkin, and our friends Joan and Dru carved a squash instead of a pumpkin. We had a good time.

Another fun Halloween adventure this year was $2 burritos at Chipotle! All we had to do was dress up as a farmer or a vegetable... Here's the Idaho farm girl and her carrot, eating a super yummy, super good deal, burrito.

Once again, in a new place, Jenessa finds herself coaching cheerleading. Here are a few of her newest bunch of elementary school girls from an after-school recreation cheerleading program.

Jenessa also ran one more half-marathon in Orlando, Florida. It was an absolutely beautiful morning for a 13.1 mile run, and Dustan was a sweetheart to come and support me in my crazy hobby. Here we are post-run.
Aside from all of our fun adventures, Dustan has been working away at medical school, so one day he will be able to provide for our little family. I'm so grateful for Dustan and his commitment to our family and his willingness to sacrifice his time to go to school.

Our one other big adventure over the last few months was hosting Thanksgiving for 16 in our little one-bedroom apartment. That was a lot of fun and a lot of crazy, and we'll have to save that for another post.

We hope everything is going well with your family, and once again, we will try to keep you a little more updated on our life in here in Florida.